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HatchSpace started out 27th June 2011 when Founder, Andrew Small searched all of Parramatta for a cheap shared/office space in Parramatta and could not find anything under $100 per week(and even that did not include use of any facilities). Eventually with a then business associate, Andrew found half an office(1 room $28m2) in Church street for $150 week.  He then moved in with his Business Associate and split rent at $75 week and 50/50 on all facilities. However, after 3 months, his associate decided he could no longer afford it and that left Andrew with a big decision, keep going or go back and work from his garage(like most small business owners).

Andrew kept going and started advertising for people to “Share Office Space” at $50 week. Within 3 months we took over the whole building and when our lease came up for renewal 6 months later, we had to find a much bigger and better office to where we currently are – 126 Marsden Street, Parramatta.

The Professional Office Space is now shared by 32 full time business professionals(in 2 Offices) and most of them have been with Us long term( 2 originally from Church Street – Thumbnail and Real Estate Market). The Business is now encouraging start-ups and entrepreneurs to become part of Andrew’s vision of having an incubator style office in the heart of Western Sydney, Parramatta.

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